Jennifer McGuire: 5 ways to Add Gold Foil

Clip from Jennifer McGuire’s video: 5 ways to Add Golf Foil. This is using the “foil with dies technique.

I am currently designing wedding invitations and I have been looking at a lot of companies’ invitation designs for inspiration. One of the qualities that I’m loving is the use of foil. Adding foil to some of the type or pattern of a simple design adds a really beautiful touch. I wasn’t sure if using foil in my designs could be done at home without some sort of special printer or technique, but I was wrong! I watched this video last night where designer Jennifer McGuire demonstrated 5 different ways to add foil to your designs. The last technique, using a laser printer and laminator seems like the best option out of the five. This is something I would really like to try, if not for my wedding invitations, definitely in future projects.

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Hi there!

My name is Sarah Tucker. For my last graphic design class in college, my awesome professor, Kathy, had each student in the class create a blog. We had required posts about certain topics and our finished projects. I’m grateful for these past assignments, because I have never been much of a writer, or a blogger but I am learning that posting about what I’m learning or interested in right now is pretty fun. It’s a great way to document progress on work, comment on research, and share ideas. With that being said, I hope to continue using this blog, sharing with you my current projects/interests and anything else that might be worth a post!


This is a series of three brochures I created for a graphic design project. The first is a barrel fold, the second is a parallel fold, and the third a gate fold. All of these photographs and collections are form the New York Public Library.




Find the image collections from the New York Public Library here.

Independent Project: B.A.S.I.C.

For my Independent Project, I created a series of posters, square hand-out cards, and a new tri-fold board for B.A.S.I.C. B.A.S.I.C. stands for “Brothers & Sisters in Christ” and it’s a super fun club on campus! These items were created for next semester’s meetings. The posters are 8.5″x 11,” the cards are 2.75″ x 2.75,” and the tri-fold board is 36″ x 48.”

I’m the PR for B.A.S.I.C. so I’ve made a lot of posters for the club over the past couple of years, but these are my favorite thus far. The requirements for making the posters included the using the B.A.S.I.C. logo (logo and large b), including social media contacts, the slogan “Be a part of something bigger”, the location, and the SA logo. Since before I was a member of Basic, the typically used font for the posters was always Myriad Pro. I used Myriad Pro and Myriad Pro Semibold here. For the blitz cards, I used the Futura typeface.

I wanted these posters to feel unified, but also feel very different, so they catch students’ eyes as they walk through the halls or look at the cork boards around campus. All three posters have the same layout but use different colors (other than the navy because that is constant in all of them) and different designs. For the patterns inside the b, the leaves, flowers, and waves, I used watercolor on paper. I then took photographs of my paintings and brought them into Lightroom to fix the lighting in the photos. I created a clipping masking using the pattern photo and the large b in illustrator and it creates these really beautiful bs! I put a white b behind the patterned one because I make each photo have some transparency. I traced each photograph of the patterns in illustrator and that’s where I got the leaf and waves vectors from. I really enjoyed mixing studio with graphics in these posters.

The tri-fold board was pretty fun to make. I made a few navy paintings with mint leaves in acrylic on paper. I then traced the letters on the paintings and cut them out. This took a very long time and I thought of typography before digital means… it was pretty cool to see the letters when they were all finished though, looking like the logo. I left the bowls of the letters, etc. out as they are very small and I didn’t want to risk ruining letters. I made some more watercolor paintings of the leaves to be layered with the photographs that will be places on the board. These cutouts of the painting are 4″ x 6.” I added some cards for Easter last year, our mission statement, this semester’s BASIC Conference booklet, and some other items. Items like the BASIC conference booklet, the Easter card, etc. will be updated when they get them in next semester. The board does not contain photographs right now, but again, they will be layers with the leaf watercolors. The tri-fold board is used at the club expo and at our weekly BASIC meetings. It essentially follows the club to any event we do! Pictures will be added to the board before it is used on these occasions.

The Blitz cards are typically handed out at the club expo each semester, when we do tabling, and at BASIC meetings for people who want to invite friends or are new and want to have it as a reminder of our meetings.