Jennifer McGuire: 5 ways to Add Gold Foil

Clip from Jennifer McGuire’s video: 5 ways to Add Golf Foil. This is using the “foil with dies technique.

I am currently designing wedding invitations and I have been looking at a lot of companies’ invitation designs for inspiration. One of the qualities that I’m loving is the use of foil. Adding foil to some of the type or pattern of a simple design adds a really beautiful touch. I wasn’t sure if using foil in my designs could be done at home without some sort of special printer or technique, but I was wrong! I watched this video last night where designer Jennifer McGuire demonstrated 5 different ways to add foil to your designs. The last technique, using a laser printer and laminator seems like the best option out of the five. This is something I would really like to try, if not for my wedding invitations, definitely in future projects.

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