Progress on Redesign

Here is my idea for the package coming to life. I drew the word “spring” in my sketchbook and then took a photo and brought it into Illustrator where I did an image trace and made it into a vector. I used the Wacom pen to fill in some areas and to smooth some lines. I have photographs of a series of watercolor paintings I did over the summer and I thought they would work for this project! I spent some time using Photoshop to cut out different flowers from a few of the paintings. I began collaging them on illustrator behind the “spring fresh” text. I was originally only going to use pink flowers but I was liking the way the pink text looked against the green flowers. I wasn’tย sure if these flowers were working for this design because they’re pretty bright; I had pictured using a softer theme. However, as noted in the grocery store, many of the laundry products use bright colors in their packaging, so it may be working. I may make some different paintings and try to use less flowers toย make the design a little more minimal and see how that works.

Sketch forย Spring Fresh.
Experimenting with colors and using Photoshop to cut out flowers from some of my watercolor paintings.
Experimenting with layering flowers for the actual package.

2 thoughts on “Progress on Redesign

  1. I think that you did a really good job with this project. I love the way you sketched out the word spring, because it makes that word exaggerated, and stand out. I think that it was a really nice touch to use watercolor because it gives it a relaxing feeling. I think that any consumer would chose this packaging over others because it is more inviting and looks more elegant and high class.


  2. Using sketches and paintings you’ve done yourself was a great idea for this project. I remember how the final product came out and they really gave a sense of quality to the overall design. The colors you used worked really well too. Most importantly, I’m really impressed with your hand lettering of Spring.


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