Effective Awareness Posters

Ad for the Surfrider Foundation. Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam, France. Creative Director: Les 6. Art Director: Guillaume Auboyneau. Copywriter: Pierre-Philippe Sardon. Photographer: Regis Fialaire.

This is a poster created for the Surfrider Foundation. Our beaches are beautiful and have some of the most wonderful scenery out there, but they cannot clean themselves. It is so cool how this is said through the image without words (other than in the tiny text in the top corner, of course). When I’m at the beach, I often take photos like this, looking down the beach and capturing depth. This photo is taken in the same way but with a twist. The beautiful scene is interrupted by the waste that now inhabits it. I love the way the artist didn’t just capture the garbage and throw a caption across the poster, but he positioned the glove, part of the waste, in such a way that’s “cleaning itself up.”

View the Surfrider Foundation’s poster here.

Ad for APAV, Victim Support. Advertising Agency: JWTT, Lisbon, Portugal. Creative Director: Joao Espirito Santo. Art Director: Zeca. Copywriter: Liber Mattecucci. Photographers: Filipe Rebelo, Maquin Invisivel.

This is a strong awareness campaign poster. Again, the photograph says more than the words. The women has been hurt by a man, and she is staying silent. The words “Silence Hurts” and the phone number are small at the bottom of the poster. The simplicity of the copy goes well with the strong image. It’s simple, because more is not necessary.

View APAV’s poster here.

Ad for Thai’s Health’s Don’t Drive Sleepy Project. Advertising Agency: BBDO Bangkok, Thailand. Chief Creative Officer: Suthisak Sucharittonta. Executive Director: Subun Khow, Vasan Wangpaitoon. Creative Director: Taewit Jariyanukulpun. Photographers: Aunachi Secharunputong, Nok Pipattungkul. Illustrators: Ploy Lumthong, Tharect Kangrich.

This poster was created for Thai Health’s Don’t Drive Sleepy Project. Again, the image gives the message. When your eyelids close behind the wheel, you are no longer in control of your vehicle and you will hurt the father and son crossing the street or the people in the car in front of you or those in the car at the intersection.”Sleepiness is stronger than you.” It’s important to pull over if you feel tired while driving because falling asleep at the wheel will happen.

View Thai Health’s poster here.


One thought on “Effective Awareness Posters

  1. Sarah,
    Each of these awareness campaign posters are striking and intriguing about the things that happen to someone everyday. It opens peoples eyes to some of the terrible things that humans cause. I completely agree with your statement, “It’s simple, because more is not necessary.” A design can be simple while still getting the strong message across, as shown in your examples. Great job on your BART Poster!


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